Let’s lighten it up

Happy Friday!  We made it.  The tone on the blog over the last week has been a little serious.  We have talked about injuries, grumpiness, Tuesday blues and life lessons, none of which reflect the overwhelming happiness that I feel right now as we approach the weekend!  So lets get a lighten it up a little, shall we?

Here are some things bringing me joy right now:

  • My brother and his girlfriend are coming into town to visit us for the night!  I love having them in town.  We always have so much fun.  My brother and I are just a couple of years apart and have always been close, which I am so thankful for.  And his girlfriend is just one of the best people I know.  I can’t wait!
  • Speaking of siblings, another thing bringing me joy is my oh so wonderful sister.  She is seven years younger than I, but is seriously my best friend. She is currently killing it on the tennis court (a sport which runs deep in my gene pool, but which I seem to have acquired zero talent for).  So proud!
  • And another family related joy is an unexpected visit from my soon-to-be brother in law! Derek’s family lives in California, so anytime they visit, it is a real treat! He will be here for a few days over Spring break.  I lucked out big time in the in-law department.  Derek’s family is amazing.
  • I finally got my new socks in the mail.  I haven’t been running much this week (I won’t talk about this now because I am trying to focus on the POSITIVES.  So hard though…) but my new socks make me so excited to get back out there.  I tried Bombas out, and received four brightly colored pairs yesterday.  They are SO comfortable, soft and supportive.  It is crazy how socks can be supportive, but they totally are.  They also have a lovely tab above the heel to prevent blisters and have no seem along the big toe so rubbing won’t be a problem.  I’ll tell you even more about them once I run a long run with them!

Related image

  • I have mentioned Kite Hill on the blog before and how much I love their yogurt, but I just recently tried out their cream cheese and it is even better.  Like, absolutely amazing.  It’s creamy, spreadable, a little tangy and tastes SO much like actual cream cheese.  Dairy and my stomach aren’t the best of friends and Kite Hill has saved my taste buds yet again from a sad, cream-less life.  Seriously, it’s a little expensive, but a so worth it.  It just falls under the “treat” category in my budget. I have only tried the plain flavor, but the chive is next on my list!

Image result for kite hill cream cheese

  • The trees are starting to bud and bloom around Tacoma.  Everything around here is getting greener.  Spring is here! My town is covered in pretty yellow daffodils which go a long way in brightening up my day.  It’s the little things.
  • ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL SPRING BREAK (insert happy dance here).

I hope you have an absolutely amazing weekend and that you find a way to focus on the JOY in your life right now.

Tell Me:

  1. What is GOOD right now?
  2. Any fun plans for the weekend?


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