Those two days when I don’t have work

Wow.  This weekend did not exactly go as planned, but it was a good one all the same. Let’s start from the beginning.


Things were off to a bad start from the get go.  On Friday during 4th period, I started to feel REALLY nauseous. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am the biggest baby when it comes to stomach aches.  I hate throwing up. I know everyone does, but I REALLY hate it.  I have a phobia.  If someone near me even gags, I am out of the room before you can even blink.  It’s automatic.  I just GET OUT OF THERE.  Never mind the fact that I haven’t thrown up since 6th grade (knock on wood!).  So even if it isn’t that bad, I have talked it up in my head as being the worst thing ever.  I have no idea what I am going to do when I have a kid.  Apparently you love them enough to deal, but I’m not sure… anyways.  I felt so sick AND I had to teach.  Let’s just say the end of the day could not come quick enough.

I came home and crawled into bed and hung out there for 3 or 4 hours.  Just me, my pillow and Frasier (aka the best show ever).  The worst part was that Friday was the sunniest, most beautiful day all year, and I was in bed allllll day.

After a while, I started to feel better and spent the rest of the day resting and hanging out. Derek was so kind and gave me lots of foot massages.  Pretty fun 😉


We woke up bright and early Saturday morning!  I went on a run and got home BEFORE 7am.  For a morning person like me, it was glorious.  That was easily the best part of the day.

We were supposed to drive up to Whidbey to see my parents and meet with some wedding vendors.  We needed to leave at 9 to be at our first meeting by 11.  Derek and I got a new car insurance plan a month or so ago, and for some reason I wanted to double check that everything was in order before we made the long drive (despite the fact that we had made an even bigger trip the weekend before…).  Turns out, NEITHER of our cars were insured because the agent had entered the wrong VIN number.  We had been paying for insurance on a 2005 Toyota Corolla, which we don’t even have, without knowing.  Derek had emailed the agent to make sure everything was all set up, and they said we were good to go! Apparently not… So Saturday morning was a mad dash to call the company, add our cars to the plan and try and get reimbursed for the money we had payed on a car we don’t even own.  Let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite activity. But, thanks to Derek, we got it all fixed.

We finally got on the road (15 minutes late) and about 20 minutes later, my check engine light came on.  I have been over due for an oil change for a while now, and just kept putting it off,  so I figured that driving my car on the freeway all the way to my parents house was probably not the best idea.  Derek and I turned the car around, called my mom to cancel our plans and drove my car straight to the shop.  While we were there, we saw on the news that a power line was down across I5 in Seattle and that ALL lanes were closed.  I felt so lucky to be sitting at the car mechanics and not sitting in that horrible traffic.  That is probably the only time in my life I will ever say that I was grateful to be waiting at the mechanics.

Anyways, Saturday turned out to be way more relaxing than anticipated,  I had some time to blog, go for a walk, and have a date! Around dinner time I was being kind of grumpy and had the blues, and Derek told me to put my shoes on because we were going on a date! It was perfect 🙂 He didn’t tell me where we were going, and took me to my very favorite Southern restaurant.  I had a biscuit with an egg scramble and Derek got THE BEST FRENCH TOAST.  It was epic.  Breakfast foods > all other food.  The end.


Sunday was the redeeming part of my weekend.  You know those days were everything feels happy, you are super productive and the hours pass nice and slow? That was my Sunday.  It was magical.

In the morning, Derek and I hit up the grocery store to stock up for the week.  We came home and cleaned.  It was awesome! I finally dealt with my grocery bag situation.  Confession time -> I have not been very good about bringing my own bags to the store.  It is SO hard for me to remember! Because of this, the pile of plastic and paper bags under our sink grew to the point that I could no longer shut the cabinet door.  Please don’t hate me! I can’t be the only one who struggles with this, right?  I finally cleaned out all of the bags, recycled them all (I am not a total monster…) and organized our reusable bags so that we would be able to find them when we went to the store.  In honor of Earth Day, I, Jennifer Zisette, vow to bring my own bags to the store from now on.  I promise.  Because honestly, the Earth needs all the love it can get right now and every little bit helps.

I hit up the gym in the afternoon and did a weight circuit.  Since I have been running a little less than usual, I have loved adding more weights to my routine.  It’s fun to see myself get stronger, and I know it will help keep me from getting injured again.  Win win.

We went on a walk later in the afternoon by the water, did some lesson planning to prepare for the week and just spent the rest of the day hanging out.  Derek built us a nice fire which was just the icing on the cake.  I love the coziness of a fire on a dreary day.

I made an easy dinner that consisted of his and her baked sweet potatoes.  I topped mine with eggs and sauteed veggies, and served Derek’s with a side of steak.  Yummmm.

Believe it or not, I was in bed by 8:02, ready to unwind and watch some Netflix before falling asleep.  A long day of doing nothing sure wears a girl out 😉

Happy Monday friends! I hope your week is off to a great start! Talk to you soon.

Tell me:

  1. What was the highlight of your trip?
  2. What is something you are unusually freaked out about?




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    1. Be careful! Especially with Subaru’s. You have a Forester now right? Make sure it’s not low on coolant, those bad boys like to blow headgaskets. If you haven’t taken it to a mechanic yet, you can take it to an autoparts store and get the check engine light scanned for free.

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