Friday Funday!

Hello everyone! Today is Friday.   It’s been a long week.  Since the crazy car trouble issue last Saturday, things have just been stressful.  The days at work have been long, we had a major freak out about something wedding related (which thankfully is now resolved because our wedding is 100 DAYS AWAY) and Derek and I have had to work extra hard to be nice to each other.  I know that these kinds of weeks are normal, but man, they suck.  With all the stress I have been sleeping less, and I need my 8 hours.  Catching up on some zzzz’s is on the agenda this weekend. Anyways, enough complaining.   It’s almost May, and I couldn’t be happier about it! May is one of my favorite months.  It’s my birthday month (!!) and the unofficial start of summer! Mentally, I am just ready to start a new month.  I love flipping the calendar and the feeling of a fresh, new start.

As we are wrapping up April, I want to share some things that I have been loving this month.  Some of these things are new, and some are just constantly bringing me joy!

  • Trader Joe’s Organic Ginger Pear White Tea.  I was wandering around Trader Joe’s this past weekend, because this is how I like to spend my Saturday afternoons, and stumbled upon this wonderful sounding tea! I am a big tea fan but have been pretty bored lately with the selection in my pantry.  I love anything pear flavored, and decided to throw it in the cart, along with the other 3,683 impulse purchases I had to buy that day.  I tried it that night and WOW, it’s so good.  The pear flavor is definitely the star of the show, but the ginger plays a tasty supporting role, just the way I like it 🙂

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  • Growing up, my parents always made a big deal out of holidays.  Obviously the winter season reigned supreme, but they also managed to jam pack all the other holidays with lots of thoughtful traditions.  For Valentine’s Day, they used to make us a sweet breakfast before school and would place a small little gift and card on our place mats.   Of course, everything was pink and red with lots of hearts, and a special dinner followed. These sorts of traditions created such sweet memories and are things I will continue to do when I have kids of my own.  Even though I am now an adult, my parents still continued our little Valentine’s Day tradition. This year, they gave me the sweetest hanging decoration for our barren patio.  I just love it 🙂 Suns and moons always make me think of my mom, and it adds a special little touch to our home.  Thank you parents!

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  • See that fake bacon looking stuff with my dinner?!  That isn’t some gross faux bacon, that’s salmon bacon.   And it’s wonderful.  I couldn’t be any more in love.  If I could legally marry those little pink strips of heaven, I would. See, I don’t eat land meat.  Or rather, I am a pescatarian.  I haven’t had meat since I was 12, so I can’t really compare this to real bacon (and I am sure you meat eaters would say there is no comparison ;)) but damn, this stuff is good.  Derek loves it too, and he is a meat loving freak!  It’s got that same crispy, salty thing but without the chewy fat part.  That’s the part about meat that led me to stop eating it over 10 years ago.  If you love meat, all the power to you, but I think I’ll stick to my salmon bacon, thank you very much.  Find this glorious product at the one and only, Trader Joe’s.  And no, they don’t pay me to talk up their products.  I wish.

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  • The West Wing.  Can you tell that I like watching political shows?  It’s pretty ironic actually, because I can’t stand real life politics at the moment.  After blowing through Scandal, Derek and I decided to stick with the D.C. theme, and started watching The West Wing together.  I have already seen most of it, but I love watching it all over again! Unlike more political shows, and probably real-life politics, the characters in the show are all genuinely good and as a viewer, you are actually rooting for them! We have taken to watching about one episode a night.  Derek was skeptical at first because the show is pretty old, but he declared last night “I like this way more than Scandal!” so I think he is on board 😉  I don’t know why I feel the need to update you on my Netflix news, but if you are looking for something to fill an hour of your evening, The West Wing is the way to go.

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  • Friday Fun Day! Besides the fact the Friday is inherently the best day of the work week, lately I have another reason to love it.  In all my classes, I have been using the last 20 minutes of class on Fridays as an incentive for my students to be on task and engaged the rest of the week.  As summer creeps closer, the summer slide is in full effect.  In an effort to loose hours of learning time to distracted kids and blank “I hate school” stares, I have offered up 20 minutes a week for them to play, watch a video or have free time if they earn it throughout the week.  And it seems to be working! Not only is it fun for them, but it makes my Friday a lot more fun too 🙂

I hope you have a great weekend and finish out April strong! May is almost here people!

Tell me:

  1. What is your favorite month and why?
  2. Do you celebrate your “birthday month”?
  3. What is something you are loving right now?

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