HELLOOOOOOOO! IT’S MAY! YESSSSSSSS.  SUNSHINE, FLOWERS, GREEN TREES, MY BIRTHDAY! Okay, enough caps, but hopefully you have an idea of my serious excitement that this wonderful month is upon us.  THANK GOODNESS 😉

This weekend was a great one.  It was just what I needed after a pretty dismal week.  I’m just going to give a quick run down because I have lots of students who would like to know their quiz scores sometime in the near future…


Friday was a beautiful day but I wasn’t in the most beautiful mood.  After a long week, I just needed some me time. So, while Derek went out with some coworkers for happy hour, I went to the gym and then sat on the couch, drank some kombucha and enjoyed some time to myself.  It was pretty magical.  We later went for a walk, made dinner and enjoyed some wine by the fire.  My kind of night 🙂

My TERRIFIC dinner salad that featured chopped salmon bacon and crushed plantain chips. It was delicious.

Saturday was a full day.  We were in the car and on the road to Whidbey by 7:30.  Our first stop though was for donuts. Yummmm.  Truth be told, donuts are not my favorite breakfast.  I like them, but more for dessert than for breakfast.  So I just had some coffee, out of a styrofoam cup…. can you guess who enjoyed this outing more?  If it makes Derek happy though, I am happy!

We hit NO traffic on  the way up and soon were on the ferry.  It was a cloudy morning, but the water was calm, the trees covering the island were bright green and we even saw some seals!  Arriving on the island always feels like an enormous wave of peace washing over me.  When I was younger and my family and I would return to the island after a day on the other side (or the mainland) we would always breathe a big, dramatic, sigh of relief to be back on our happy little island.  Now that I don’t live there anymore (sad 🙁 ), I still feel the same sense of relief when I visit. Home will always be home.

My sister and I had an early nail appointment to get to that morning because she had prom that night and asked me (!!!!!!!) to go with her! In high school, I was not the kind of kid to do anything special for school dances, or to even go at all.  It was fun to vicariously live through her for the day.  The manicurist definitely thought that I was going to prom as well, and even “surprised” me by adding a little sparkle on my ring fingers even though I didn’t ask for it.  A little sparkle never hurt anything, right??

When we left, they all yelled after us “have fun tonight!”   My sister is 7 years younger than I, but people ask all the time which one of us is the oldest.  I know I look young, but that young?  I guess so. It was a super fun morning, and I always love spending time with my favorite (only…) sister!

After our appointment, we met up with our wedding caterer to talk details and get some lunch.  The rest of the afternoon was spent wedding planning.  Every time we check something off the list, we end up adding another item that we still have to address.  It’s exhausting!  I have said this before, and I’ll say it again, but thank goodness for my parents who have been the best at making sure everything is taken care of.  They are making this experience so wonderful, and I am so grateful for them (like always!).

Derek and I hit the road later that night, and stopped to get some take out Thai on our way home.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but it was too spicy for us.  I ordered a 4 out of 5 on the spicy scale because both of us loveeeee the heat, but this meal was way too hot and we ended up with burning mouths and no water.  Needless to say, our stomachs weren’t too happy with us.  Side note -> does anyone actually like baby corn?  I think they taste like a tin can!  Also, sorry for the super blurry picture.  I was in the car!

It was POURING rain and pitch black on our drive home and the roads were treacherous.  There are no streetlights on the freeway around here, and it was impossible to see the lines on the road because of sheets of rain and the inch or more of standing water on the road.  My hands were clenched the entire drive (not because of Derek’s driving, but because of the situation) and we were both so happy when we reached our exit after more than an hour of some serious stress inducing travel.

Even though we didn’t get home until 9,  we decided to head out and spend the evening with some friends.  We ended up at the same German bar that we went to a few months ago.  It was absolutely packed and we had a great time chatting and people watching.  We weren’t home until 1-ish and didn’t get in bed until after 2! It’s a record.


Sunday is always our day of relaxation.  I go out of my way to make sure that we have as little on the agenda as possible so we can soak up our time together before the week.

Sunday things included a trip to the gym, shopping at Trader Joe’s, a nice walk and lots of R&R.  Oh yeah, and I figured out my plans for this week at school of course!

I hope you had a great weekend, and that May is off to a great start!

Tell me (because I love hearing from you!):

  1. What month is your birthday?
  2. What was a highlight of your weekend?

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