Best Weekend Ever!

You guys.  This weekend was so special.  I am so sad it’s over.


The theme of this weekend was sunshine! Just before school ended on Friday, the sun came out!  I sent Derek this lovely picture of my face to show him how excited I was for the weekend and to play in the sun.  He must feel so lucky to be on the receiving end of all of this 😉

After work, Derek and I wanted to go out and find a happy hour place.  Since it was Cinco de Mayo, I was expecting Derek to pick a place with margs and tacos, but he ended up picking a restaurant on the water that resembled a biker bar rather than a cabana.  It was surprisingly fun! We were able to talk and catch up on life, all while enjoying beers and fries.

The rest of the night was spent in the comfort of our own home.  This was one of those weekends were I just felt soooo in love with Derek and so happy about our lives.  Let me be clear, I am ALWAYS so in love with Derek and our lives, but sometimes all of the adult stress keeps us from doing our thing.


Our Saturday started off nice and slow.  We had coffee in bed, lazed around in our pajamas and eventually got around to making breakfast.  We made our way to the gym, and then came home to shower and finally get dressed in real clothes.  On the weekends, I like to spend as little time as possible in real clothes.

Around three, we headed up to Seattle to have dinner with my aunt and uncle.  There was a crash next to the Tacoma Dome on I5, which turned the hour drive into an hour and forty-five minute drive.  Damn you I5 traffic.

We went out to dinner at a small little restaurant on Lake Washington.  My aunt and I started with the Pomegranate Habanero Margarita.  Which is good because I can now say I got drank a margarita this weekend.  It was really tasty! Not too sweet and really spicy!  The boys got IPAs.

For dinner, I had the lentil curry hash, which was a mix of lentils, sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower and curry sauce served over arugula with fried eggs on top.  It was DELICIOUS. Derek had crispy pork tacos, my aunt had a burger and my uncle had a bowl of bean sprouts.  No really,  he ordered some sort of Asian chicken salad (I think) but it was truly just a huge bowl of bean sprouts with some cilantro thrown in.  They said that is was a new menu item, and they were looking for feedback on it.  Umm….how about some lettuce or toppings or anything really besides BEAN SPROUTS??!!!  Duh.  We joked that they were at least fresh….   All in all though, dinner was fabulous and the company was even better! It was great to chat about our lives lately and spend some time with them.  My uncle is playing a big role on our wedding day and my aunt helped throw (with my other aunt) the most amazing engagement party! What can I say, they are just the best!

Dinner was followed by a mandatory trip to Hello Robin.  AKA the best ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked cookies.  It was incredible.

To make the night even better, my aunt sent us home with a beautiful bouquet of lilacs from their yard.  OMG I LOVE LILACS.  They are my favorite flower and the scent makes me swoon.  I was one happy camper on the drive home with ice cream in my belly and lilacs on my lap!


Sunday was one of the best days I have had in a long time.  We had nothing on the agenda and we didn’t put any pressure on ourselves to get anything done.  We did what we wanted, when we wanted.

The morning was nice and slow.  Same thing as Saturday; coffee, breakfast, pajamas.  I went to the gym later while Derek played some video games.  I usually try to find something to do out of the house while he plays 😉 We went grocery shopping later and did some more relaxing.  Around 4:30, we decided to pack up some picnic items and head down to Chambers Bay to soak up some sun.  We laid on our blanket, played some cards and watched all of the people who were flying kites!

There was a dad near us with his son who had a big, high tech kite.  He was trying to teach his son how to fly the kite and you could just hear the frustration in his voice because his young son kept crashing it immediately into the ground.  Derek and I were just laughing our heads off because this poor guy just wanted to enjoy his hobby like his pre-kid days.  Sorry dude, those days are over!

There was also a family near us with 4 young boys who were wrestling the crap out of each other.  The little boys would growl at each other and then charge forward and end up being plowed down by the other boy.  They kept at it even though they got demolished every.single.time.  It was so cute!  Kids are so fearless.

It was the PERFECT afternoon.  I even wore my favorite sweatshirt that I have been rocking since 7th grade.  I keep thinking I should stop wearing it out and about because people have actually assumed I was a middle school-er, and you know, I now teach middle school….But I can’t.  It’s too comfy.

Now we are back to the grind.  I will miss you, sweet sweet weekend!

I hope your weekend was as great as mine, and that Monday is treating you well 🙂

Tell me!

  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?  (I like to ask my students this every Monday as well)
  2. What item of clothing have you owned the longest?

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