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Good morning y’all! Happy Friday!  Today, and this weekend for that matter, is going to be busy busy busy.  My school is on a weird schedule today for an end of the year event (even though we are still 5 weeks out…) so that is sure to make the day all kinds of crazy  fun.  We pick Derek’s dad up from the airport right after work, and get to spend this weekend soaking up some time with Derek’s side of the gene pool.  It’ll be a good time!

Here are some things I am loving as we wrap up with week!

*None of these posts are sponsored.  I just like these things and that’s that.*

  • Synergy Third Eye Chai Kombucha.  So good.  It tasted like really fresh apple cider with just the tiniest bit of chai.  It doesn’t have as much kick as a lot of other kombuchas.  If you are a newbie, this could be the place to start.  Or if you have been eyeing it, like I had, it’s worth a try.  However, this is part of Synergy’s “21+” line, so none of you babies come near, ya hear?!

Image result for synergy third eye chai

  • Someone take away my wallet.  I can’t help myself from buying every single item on Roolee’s website.  If I could just trade in my current wardrobe for every single thing they sell, I would.  Their clothes are so cute, and totally fit my “style”.  Haha, I can’t believe I just wrote that.  I might be treating myself to a birthday present (or three) in the very near future.  Check it out if you are looking for some additions to your summer wardrobe, a gift for your wonderful mother, or if you just like to look at pretty clothes.
via roolee.com
  • This week, I had a Perfect Bar for the first time since hearing ALL about them for months from everyone and their mother.  They are good.  Duh.  They are basically a bar of nut butter, so if nut butter is your thing, this bar is for you.  I bought a couple of the mini ones so I could try out a few flavors over the last couple of days, and I think the peanut butter one is probably my favorite, closely followed by the blueberry cashew.  The almond butter flavor was good too, but it was a little dryer than the others.  They are pretty expensive, so I will probably not buy them very often, but they are worth the occasional splurge.  Yummmm.  And some of their new flavors look bomb!


  • Mother’s Day!  No, I am not even close to a mom (although I am an expecting dog mom, so…)  but I do have some wonderful moms in my life! My mom has been mentioned on the blog many times because she is just amazing. She is a kick ass teacher, and caring wife, and the most loving mother to my siblings and me.  We would all be lost without her.  Good moms must run in the family though because I have two incredible grandmothers.  My Marna  (maternal grandmother) shows me everyday what it means to be a strong, compassionate women.  She has taught me how to push through adversity, and how to do so with a positive spirit and a smile on my face. She is a master in the kitchen and feeds her family from the heart.  To know her, is to love her, and man do I love her.  My Nana (paternal grandmother) has taught me what it means to be family, even when it’s hard.  She lives her life with youthful humor, and is always available to talk over a cup of strong, black coffee.  She will never let us forget how much we are loved!  I could not leave out my superb mom in-law to be! What a hard-working, fun-loving women! She raised four amazing kids (I would know 🙂 ) and does it all without complaint.  She has warmly welcomed me into her family, and I couldn’t be more grateful to know her.  I can’t wait to celebrate all these wonderful women in my life this weekend and to shower them with a little extra love.  They deserve it!
    My mom and my sibs circa 2004ish?

That’s all for today folks! I am off to teach some kids about insects, scoop loads of ice cream (my job for the end of year event) and enjoy the weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, and happy weekend to everyone else!

Tell Me:

  1. What is one thing you love about your mom (or an important women in your life)?
  2. What is something you are looking forward to this weekend?


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