Tuesday Tangents

Happy Tuesday!  I told Derek “I am so glad it’s Tuesday today” this morning.  He said, “ya, me too” quickly followed by, “Wait, what????”.  I love when I talk to him and he doesn’t hear me.  Yes babe, I know when you aren’t listening.

But in all seriousness, I am happy it’s Tuesday!  It means one week until my birthday, 10 days until puppy day, and one day closer to the end of the year 🙂

The theme of this weekend was family.  We were lucky enough to see both Derek’s family and mine, which made for the best couple of days!  Instead of recapping by day, I am just going to give a quick recap of the weekend, because lets be honest, things are busy in teacher land.


Friday Night.  We picked up Derek’s dad (who lives in California) from the airport after school and set out to have a great night on the town. We had a great dinner at a local cafe, including apps, drinks and a delicious fish tacos (!!!!). Then we headed out to a tiki bar! Tacoma Cabana is one of our favorite places to go.  The atmosphere is just so fun! It’s decked out in decorations, and the drinks are very good.  Let it be known, I do not drink unless there is some incredibly special reason to.  I don’t really like alcohol and how it makes me feel.  Who likes being dehydrated, nasueas and tired??! It’s no fun. However, when my soon to be father in-law comes to town, we celebrate 🙂  And what says celebration better than a flaming bowl of alcohol??

And of course, I had to get the only drink on this planet that actually tastes good, The Missionaries Downfall, which is an icy blend of mint, honey and rum.  So fresh and good!


Saturday we headed up to my uncle’s house for a Mothers Day lunch!  Both of my grandmothers and my mom were there which made it extra special.  My uncle makes the best food and our lunch was fit for queens! We had salmon, mashed potatoes, salad and grilled asparagus (which I usually HATE but ended up LOVING).  It was a wonderful day to enjoy the presence of the three matriarchs of our family and spend some time together.  My grandmother also got to see my in my wedding dress for the first time and it was the most special moment.  I am sure I say this all the time, but I am so happy to be back in Washington.  It just feels right 🙂


Derek and I are in the midst of full blown puppy excitement.  10 DAYSSSSS.  This much excitement might be hurting my health.  My pulse  races, I have sweaty palms, and my heart aches.  Can you die from excitement?!  Ten days better come fast, because I might actually be the first person to.  But really, can you blame me?  Just look at that little face!!!!!  Derek and I have most of the things we will need, and are starting to puppy proof.  But you know, when your apartment has like, three rooms, puppy proofing is the easiest thing ever.  We really just want to spend as much time as possible thinking/talking about the puppy because we are just so gosh darn excited.  Man, if my blog wasn’t PG, those words, or really any words for that matter, would not be so tame.


Wedding updates.  Okay, this weekend my mom and I chatted about a couple of things that still need to get done, but lets be honest, there is SO much more that needs to get done.  It will take way longer than a conversation to figure it all out.  Hence WEDDING PLANNING WEEK EXTRAVAGANZA! Aka, that week in June when Derek is going to California for his bachelor party and I am staying home with the pup.  It will be the perfect time to head up to the island (where my parents live) and have a full blown wedding boot camp.  We will eat, sleep and breathe wedding. As much as I have loved wedding planning, it is VERY stressful.  There are just so many freaking details.  Like, we have our cake, but now we need to figure out how we are going to refrigerate it, what we are serving it on and if we want a cake topper.  We rented the tent (which is huge) but we still need to decide where we are putting it, how we are arranging the tables and dance floor, the seating chart, and where the food/cake/bar/porta potty is going to go.  Every time we check something off our list, we add three more things.  It’s exhausting.  But also very exciting.

I hope you are having a great week so far! It’s all (figurative) rainbows and (literal) sunshine from here on out, so get outside and enjoy it!

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  1. What is the best thing going on in your life lately?

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