A very doggy weekend

Doggy in a good way that is 🙂  Hello everyone! How was your weekend?  Hopefully you had yesterday off and were able to celebrate outside! For those of you who had to work, thank you! You keep the world running.

My weekend was puppy-filled, and man was it a good one!

Derek and I left right away on Friday night to drive up to Snohomish and pick up our little man.  Due to some Memorial Day weekend traffic (which I neglected to consider when planning this…) we arrived around 5.  This was actually pretty dang quick given all of the congestion due Waze, the new to me app that provides the FASTEST route to any location.  Waze got us to our destination 30 minutes fasted than Google maps or Apple maps predicted!  I highly recommend trying it out.

We were a little nervous about how he would adjust to being away from his mom and siblings, and how he would do on the long drive home, but all of our worries were for nothing.  The second I picked him up he crawled right up next to my face and started licking me and wagging his little tail.  He hopped right over to Derek, who got the same loving reaction.  He was so much smaller than we anticipated, but also so much more playful and calm.  We knew he was going to be small, but man, he is really tiny, and even tinier when his fluff is patted down.

We packed all of his stuff up in the car (including a blanket and a toy that smelled like his mama) and got on the road.  He did SO well on the car ride home (you are going to hear that he is SO well a lot), and slept the majority of the time.  We hit a little traffic when were about 20 minutes from home and he woke up and was ready to PLAY!  So I held him up to look out the window and we entertained ourselves by waving at other drivers stopped on the road with us.  It was a surprisingly pleasant ride home!

The rest of Friday night was spent playing, cuddling and napping (him, not us).  Little guy playsssssssss and plays and then drops into a deep sleep.  He is either ON or off.  We are crate training him, and I was a little anxious about our first night.  I was prepared to get very little sleep.  Turns out, Mr. Mo is a great sleeper! We tired him out for the last hour or so that he was awake, and when he fell asleep around 10 in my arms, I just quietly transferred him into his crate by the side of my bed.  He woke up three times the first night, two times the second night and only once last night! After we take him out to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, he goes right back to sleep in his crate without crying or barking!  We sure lucked out.  Cross your fingers that it stays this way.

Saturday, we were up bright and early with a cutie pie wake-up call and a puppy who was ready to play! Having a puppy is similar to how I imagine having a baby must be.  For all of you who have kids and are rolling your eyes, here me out.  Both take up ALL of your time, need to pee every 30 minutes, wake up multiple times in the middle of the night and are absolutely 100% adorable.  The difference is that you can leave a puppy alone, and you know, a baby is a human, but still, my mama heart is in full gear.

Derek and I were feeling a little stir crazy since puppy still can’t go run around anywhere too public (not until he has all of his booster shots) so we headed out on a very low key date to Whole Foods.  We got some lunch to-go and sat on their patio outside.  Mowgli slept on Derek the entire time, and we were able to get out of the house and sit in the sun.  Win-win.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL this past weekend, and we tried to soak up as much of it as possible.  The rest of the day was all about the puppy, so a lot more playing, napping and supervising went down.

Sunday was a big day for the little guy.  My annual family reunion was that afternoon up in Seattle, and we were a little unsure of if Derek would be able to go or if he would stay home with Mowgli.  We didn’t want to push it too much and cause any unnecessary stress.  But puppy had been doing SO well (told you 😉 ) and so we decided to take him.  What a good choice! He was the star of the party and handled all the attention like a champ.  Actually, he slept through most of it and was passed from lap to lap.  We had a great time seeing some extended family who we rarely get to see!

The rest of our Memorial Day weekend was more of the same.  Mowgli had a visit to the vet and he is a happy, healthy, 1.9 pound ball of love! What a little guy 🙂

We enjoyed every second of our time off, but it definitely gave us the “summer bug”.  Tuesday morning was a rough wake-up call.  It was almost impossible for me to leave our little guy, even though Derek and I are able to come home every couple of hours.  Just three more weeks, and then we won’t have to leave him for a while.  Derek says it’s good for him to get used to being on his own, and even though I know he is right, it still breaks my heart.

Alrighty, you just read a thousand words almost exclusively about my puppy.  I’ll be done.

It has been a hot minute since my last post, but I promise regular posting will resume here shortly.  And it will probably include some non-puppy content.  Probably…but I can’t promise 😉

Have a great rest of your Wednesday! This week is flyin’!

I would love to know how your weekend was.  Let me know in the comments!

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