Blogging and all that jazz

Hello?  It’s me.  You may or may not have noticed that I have been absent here in my little blog world.  My last post was almost a month ago.  Why?  Well here is the long answer, because succinct-ness has never been my strong suit.

I asked myself what I was actually writing about, and I didn’t really know the answer.

When I started this blog, I was writing mostly about running.  That was my hobby and my passion, and it gave me something to share about that wasn’t the day to day monotony of my life.  I haven’t been running very regularly in a few months, which has honestly been harder than I ever imagined.  This is the longest span of no running for at least five years, and it has been so challenging.  I had to find new ways to spend my time, other methods to relieve stress,  and different ways to define me.  I never considered myself a champion runner, but I would definitely describe myself as a runner.  All of these things were so hard.  Not running affected my body and my mood.   It also meant that instead of my blog having some sort of “genre”, it was basically just a blog about me, which felt super weird and somewhat lesser.  Now, I am getting back into running, but have also found other things that I enjoy that are just as valuable.  I actually really like weights and circuit training.  I like a good ol’ walk.  I like cuddling on the couch and not moving.  I like going out to eat and hanging out with other people.  I didn’t expect that a change in my exercise would change anything but how I exercised, but it totally did.  I had to redefine myself a little.  And I am sure glad I did.  But the catch is that this blog still can’t be about running, because I am just not running as much yet.  So the question remains: is this blog still valuable (to me, and to other people) if it doesn’t really have a genre?

We got a puppy.

And lost our life.  Just kidding.  But really, having a puppy takes all of your focus.  I knew this before we got him, so I not at all shocked, but I just don’t have time to do anything but basic life things.  I love that little nugget so much, but I am literally typing this with one hand and playing with him with the other.  He needs all the attention, so the blog took a back seat.

I had to decide if I really wanted to blog anymore.

Honestly, I was feeling a little split on this matter.  I would not call myself a quiet person.  I am a sharer.  So blogging about my life didn’t feel like that big of a deal.  But I am also an introvert, and have very strong beliefs about the importance of privacy.  Those things sound like the opposite, huh? Yeah, so I am just going to keep wrestling with this one.

The school year was wrapping up.

And now it is over! I made it through my first year of teaching and lived to tell the tale.  It was wonderful, and actually not as bad as I was expecting.  Sure, it was really challenging, but I had so much support and I built such meaningful relationships with my students that it made it all worth it.  Maybe its just summer break talking, but teaching is my jam.  This summer my plan is to focus a little more on the blog world, enjoy the sunshine, get married (WHOA) and obviously prepare for next year.  Sounds like a great plan to me!

I will see you all back here soon for some recent happenings, special posts and of course, some puppy pictures. Thank you all for reading, and for indulging me in this crazy little hobby.  You rock.



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