Why hello there! I am ready to get back into the blogging routine.  I have been on summer break for over three weeks now, and you guys, it’s so weird.  I have nothing to do.  I mean, besides get ready for my wedding in 21 DAYS. Holy cow.  I am going to be married so soon, and I am SO ready.  Ready meaning I am ready to be with Derek for the rest of my life, not meaning that I am ready for the actually wedding day.  My list of to-do’s for the wedding keeps getting longer no matter how many things I check off.  Thank goodness for my mom, or we quite literally would be getting married in an empty field.  Somehow it will all get done though. And I know it will be fantastic.

Let’s catch up on some other things, shall we?  And the fastest way to catch up is a phone dump of all of the pictures from the last few weeks.  Here you go!

  • Mowgli has continued to be cute.  When he naps on his back it’s my favorite.

  • We gave him his first bath ever a few days ago.  It was NOT his favorite activity, but he did pretty well all things considering.  He always looks small, but homeboy sure is tiny with his hair wet.

  • We have spent lots of time on Whidbey this summer.  Mowgli and I liked watching my sister on the mower.

  • And Derek and I spent lots of time swimming at my favorite place.  Goss Lake, I love you.

  • The beach wasn’t too shabby either.  This beach is what summer feels like.

  • My sister and I were driving home one night and had to stop to watch the sunset.  It has been a long time since I have seen anything so beautiful.  This view will be the backdrop of our wedding ceremony.

  • We have been playing a lot of banana grams.  I think Derek underestimated my skills, and so now I am making sure he knows how capable I am 😉  Games are never casual for us, but they sure are fun!

  • We have played a few intense rounds of outdoor Jenga.  Maybe we should make this game for our wedding?

  • And we are getting really into shuffleboard.  There is a bar by our house that has a table, and we are hooked.  I like games, if you can’t tell.

  • We went up to visit my grandparents and picked TONS of cherries off of their trees.  The birds seem to have left them alone this year, and I have never seen more fruit on those trees.

  • We went to a Rainer’s game (AAA baseball).  Derek accidentally bought our tickets for the wrong day and we had to buy new tickets, but it’s ok, I still love him.  And it was super fun!

  • And we got our marriage license.  Whoa.

I feel so rested, happy and sun-kissed.  I hope you are having a great week!  Check back in soon for more life posts, and some thoughts that have been in the works for a while!


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