Monday Matters

Hello there beautiful people! How are you doing?  Things are just starting to feel normal around here since getting returning from our honeymoon and the wedding and returning to real life. School has started up, the familiar NW rain has begun, and we are settling into our old routines.  After a crazy busy summer, a little routine is welcome.

Here is a look at what has been going on lately.

  • I am back up and running again! I have been running every other day for the past couple weeks, and I am starting to build my mileage up again.   It is a slow, but steady process.  I have to admit that it is really disheartening to see how much endurance I have lost over the last few months, but I am trying to stay positive and remind myself that I will get back to where I was, even stronger than before.  If any of you are feeling a little discouraged after time away from running (or any activity really) keep the faith!
  • Married life doesn’t feel all that different, but the little changes are awesome!  The best part is simply getting to refer to him as my “husband”.  It sounds silly, but it makes my heart so happy.  Yesterday, I introduced him to a family friend and my brothers eyes got so wide and when he heard me say “husband”.  Haha, it’s very new still. Other than that, we still are doing our normal things but the legally bound part makes it feel extra special 🙂
  • School is back in full swing.  We are starting our second full week, and I am finally getting used to waking up early, standing all day and dealing with people for eight hours straight.  It took me a while! I really like my students so far and we have been having lots of fun. My goal this year is to keep a positive attitude and to focus on the good.  Everything is already so much easier the second time around, and I just want to enjoy all the things this year brings!  Please remind me of this goal come November.

  • Mowgli is growing like a weed and is already almost 5 pounds.  Haha, what a giant.  But really, everyone who sees him mentions how big he is.  I find it hilarious, but I guess when you start out as 1.5 pounds, 5 pounds seems gigantic.  He continues to be the sweetest little dude and loves his toys, playing fetch and of course, Derek and I.  He can be incredibly stubborn on a walk though.  Bunny boy hits the ground when he is done on a walk and makes the whole process incredibly annoying.  He is getting better though, and he is always in a much better mood after a good walk.  Aren’t we all??  It is no surprise that I have more pictures of Mowgli than anything else.
  • I spent this last weekend with my family celebrating the life of my grandmother.  She was the most kind and caring soul who poured her whole life into serving others.  Besides a successful career in nursing, she had a long and loving marriage to my grandfather, raised two incredible children, and doted on my siblings and I.  She was at every single play, graduation, celebration and birthday.  She taught me to sew, make jelly, bake our family’s potica (which was the only thing she could get me to enjoy that include walnuts-however hard she tried) and quilt.  She was the only one who tried to salvage my beloved blankie when everyone else had given up hope.  She wrote my brother and I letters every week for years because she knew we loved getting mail.  She loved her family more than anything and taught me that loving someone means showing up and being there in good times and bad.  She loved Derek, and wanted more than anything to be there for our wedding.  She was a strong, forward thinking women and she lived her life with a huge smile on her face.  She gave the best hugs. She left a gaping hole in the hearts of all who knew her, and I miss more and more each day.


Thanks for stopping in today! Please fill me in on whats going on in your life in the comments section below if you feel like it.  See you around here soon 🙂


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