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The Wedding Series: Rehearsal Dinner

Welcome back to the Wedding Series.  If you don’t care about wedding recaps, check back in soon!  I also want to point out that writing these posts feels a little self indulgent and arrogant.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn or paint a perfect picture and make others feel weird about it, because I assure you, there were plenty of hiccups and my life is so far from perfect.  I am writing these things down to document all of the things that happened during this time of my life, not to brag.  Okay? Okay.

The day before my wedding was one of those surreal days where time moves differently.  The morning of the rehearsal day was spent running errands and getting ourselves organized.  My friends and I ran to the craft store to pick up some garter materials because I completely spaced and forgot all about the garter toss.  Derek and I greeted people who were coming into town, oversaw some final details and mostly just relaxed! Isn’t that amazing?! The day before our wedding we had time to relax.  It just goes to show how amazing our friends and family are.  They took over and made sure that we were just enjoying the whole process.  My mom’s amazing friend and coworker is a hobby florist, and she and her sister spent all day putting together flower arrangements,  which was so helpful and generous and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY!  My aunt and mom took charge of decorating the tent and the ceremony space, and my uncles, cousins and dad all pitched in.  Derek’s family also put in a lot of work in the days leading up to the wedding.  It was so nice to be able to soak in the moments and not have to worry at all!

The flower station. Thank you so much Becky!

I had put off writing my vows until about an hour before the rehearsal because I was just stressed out about finding the right words to describe my feelings.  I was also worried that my vows would sound like crap compared to Derek’s because he writes so eloquently and perfectly.  I finally just sucked it up and found a quiet place to work.  Finding a quiet place was actually quite challenging given that there were probably 30 people at my house, so I plopped down on the trampoline in the sun and tried to focus.  I ended up just talking out loud and writing down the first things that came to mind, and it actually turned out to be exactly what I wanted to say.

After my vow writing session, I ran inside to get ready for the rehearsal.  I had about 10 minutes to get dressed, so I threw on my dress and met up with everyone downstairs to walk over to the venue (which was 200 yards from my house).  I always want to remember how happy I was in this moment, surrounded my all of my friends and family, out in a field in the sun on my beautiful island.  It was total paradise.

That is my sister. She is the best. I love her lots.

The rehearsal itself was fun and quick! My uncle married us, and he is one of the most funny, thoughtful men I have ever met.  He wrote most of the ceremony from scratch and hearing some of it for the first time was so touching.  I might have cried more during the rehearsal than during the ceremony itself. My aunt must be superwomen or something, because she gracefully organized the order of the ceremony and made sure people were walking at the right times.  I have to say it again, I am the luckiest person to have such a BOMB family.

My sweet father and I walking towards the arch.
Derek and I taking it all in. The view of Puget Sound was beautiful!
Hanging with my bridesmaids.

After playing  rehearsing, it was time to head to the rehearsal dinner.  I had been looking forward to the rehearsal dinner for months and months.  It might have been the most anticipated event of the whole week because I knew the food and the location were going to be perfect.  We had picked Mukilteo Coffee as our rehearsal location, which is a local coffee shop and lunch place in town.  The setting is eclectic and rustic, they have lots of indoor/outdoor seating, and we know the cooks and owners well.

Let’s just start off by saying that everything was absolutely perfect.  You will notice that this is a reoccurring theme. I am not a picky person about this kind of thing, but seriously, everything during wedding week turned out perfectly.

My sweet mother in-law did such a thoughtful job decorating the space with things that show off who Derek and I are.  She made flower arrangements in glass beakers, for me, the science nerd, and rolled up sheets of music as accents in the bouquets for Derek, the music guy.  It was so personal and perfect.  The food was absolutely DELICIOUS and they made all of the things that we love.  We had braised chicken, salmon with a garlic butter sauce, strawberry salad, quinoa salad, roasted potatoes, ceasar salad and rice pilaf.  There was so much food.  For dessert we had GF coffee cake, cookies, and two types of pie.  Hot damn, it was gooooood.

The food was fit for a banquet, but dinner was casual, because we are casual people.

After dinner, we mingled, drank some wine, and enjoyed the company of our closest friends and family who we hardly ever get to see.  We had about 50 people at our rehearsal dinner (big families are the best), so there was a lot of socializing going on.  My cousins surprised me with a special parody rap written especially for Derek and I.  It was HILARIOUS and was just another reminder of how amazing family is.  They are the people you are stuck with for life, and I am really lucky to be stuck with my particular group of crazies 🙂

My cousins putting on the show of the century.

When dinner was winding down, the bridal party and a good group of friends and cousins headed out to a small little lake near my house. This lake is one of my favorite places on earth and holds many of my most special memories.  It only felt right to spend my last night as an unmarried women night-swimming with 20 or so of my favorite people.  We ran off the dock, sang songs, and chatted until way past when I should have been in bed.  It was the most magical, warm and starry night and I will remember it forever.

With that, it was off to bed before one of the biggest days of my life!

*** All of these photos were taken by the one and only, Rich Frishman.  Please do not copy or use without permission.

Check back in soon for some non-wedding related content! Have a great day!

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