The Wednesday Randoms

Happy November! Is it just me, or is this year flying?! We are almost to holiday time, and that is my favoriteeeeee.  Seriously, I get giddy for Christmas time once the calendar hits October.  This month is going to be jam packed with school activities, conferences, birthdays, a trip to California for Thanksgiving and lots of other holiday fun! Summer will always be my #1, but this time of year takes second.

Here are some things we should talk about:

  • Derek and I went and saw an Iron and Wine concert a couple of weeks ago, and it was AWESOME.  They mostly played new music and it was sooo good.  “Good” and “awesome” are probably the worst adjectives ever, but dang, I was blown away.  Unfortunately, Derek and I are the worst picture takers ever, so here is a beautiful picture of the ceiling, my nostril, and Derek’s eye.  You’re welcome.

  • Sunrises have been stellar lately.  I have been opening all of the blinds of my classroom and soaking in the colors before my day gets going.  Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t rise until right before school starts.  Stupid Winter with your dark, dark days.

  • Derek and I have had some great date nights lately.  We have been trying to get in some quality time together while we are still in the newlywed period before all of the holiday business starts.  One of my favorite dates lately was a trip to Happy Teriyaki #4 for some sushi followed by fancy drinks.  Most people would probably not recommend getting sushi at a place with “#4” in the name and that looks like a gas station, but we like to live on the edge.  My e-coli ridden past self told me to Yelp the crap out of this place and get several opinions from friends before trying it though.  Jenny and food poisoning are mortal enemies. Also, this drink was amazing.  I am obviously not talking about the gross bourbon drink that Derek got, but rather the drink made of gin, some sort of juice and champagne.  Yum.

  • We met my sister and parents at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma this past weekend.  My sister and I mostly liked climbing on all of the “toys” and looking at the model trains.  Yes, this is my beautiful sister.  Yes, I am wearing green corduroy overalls.  Yes, I am the shortest one in my family and am always confused for the youngest even though I am the oldest (by a lot).  Thanks for asking 🙂

  • Take in the beauty of this cake.  A coworker made it for our staff for Halloween and it was de.li.cious.  Cake=a better day.

  • We FINALLY got a new couch.  My sweet Nana found a practically new set of couches for us for free when we moved into our apartment last Fall, but they were so uncomfortable.  The cushions were too small for the couches and so every time you sat down the cushions would separate and you would end up in the pit.  The couches were also pretty dated and the springs were super soft and sink-y.  Anyways, we appreciated the free price tag, but it was time for an upgrade.  Derek and I keep saying “oh my goshhhhh this is so comfortable” and want to spend every second of the day on this beauty.  Funny how much happiness a couch has brought me…

Other important things going on right now include lots of Mowgli cuddles (and nibbles…), school and random adult things.  Being an adult is mostly fun, expect for the days that you don’t want to have any responsibility.  Mom, want to come do all of my adult things this week so I can be a kid again?

I hope your Wednesday was a good one and that the rest of your week flies by! Until next time!

Tell me:

  1. What was the last thing you bought that was actually boring, but made you super happy?
  2. What is your all time favorite concert you have been to, or what is your dream concert?
  3. How many siblings do you have and where do you fall in the age line up?

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